5 Steps for Safely Using a Tub Transfer Bench



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A shower can be so relaxing, can’t it? It is great to sit back and let that warm water wash away your dirt and worries.

However, for a person who is elderly, injured, or has a physical disability, bathing and showering without a tub transfer bench can be just another obstacle.

As a caregiver, you would want the person bathing to be comfortable and relaxed in a stable position throughout the shower.

That is much better than having shower time be a tense and fearful experience you would rather avoid.

The Point is Safety

Showering with a shower bench or tub transfer bench can make showering much more relaxing and safe.

The whole point of using a shower bench is safety. If you have balance or mobility problems, sitting down to shower is much safer than standing in a wet tub.

Seating is much safer than being on your feet in a shower or tub if you have vision or pain issues.

A person with trouble raising his legs can use the transfer bench to safely enter and exit the shower or bathtub.

As a caregiver or a bather, your experience in the shower can be much safer and, therefore, much more enjoyable.

Advantages of a Tub Transfer Bench

Consider these advantages if you don’t usually use a shower bench when showering.

There are a variety of sizes and features available. And you may want to get one. Consider the shower stall size and the tub side height when choosing a shower bench.

We recommend the kind that has a contoured plastic seat with drain holes in the seat because they are the easiest to clean. A backrest is reasonable but only necessary for some.

Consider the balance and stability of the user when choosing one with a backrest or without the backrest. A padded seat is also comfortable but not required.

Make Sure it’s Stable.

A tub transfer bench with adjustable non-skid legs so you can get a stable height according to the layout of your bathroom.

Once adjusted, make sure all snap adjusters are firm and secure. The legs of the bench are made of lightweight aluminum, so the bench is lightweight and will not rust.

Handles on the bench help handle the bench itself and grab it when sitting down or rising.

You are ready to enter the tub with your bench in a stable position. It is always best to involve an Occupational Therapist when using your bench for the first time.

They can evaluate the user’s abilities and determine the safes way for the user to mount the bench. Have a caregiver or bather assistant with you at all times.

Call your doctor if you need to find one. Here are the normal steps required to use the tub transfer bench.

Steps for Safe Use

  1. Stand with the bench touching the back of your legs, stabilize yourself using hand holds on a bench or grab bars on the wall, and sit in a slow controlled manner. Don’t “flop” down on the seat.
  2. Scoot back as far as you can with both legs still outside the tub.
  3. Lift one leg at a time over the edge of the tub. Your assistant can help you.
  4. Position yourself so that you’re seated, comfortably, all the way in the tub and you’re ready for your shower.
  5. Finished with your shower, dry your feet to prevent slipping, and simply repeat the process in reverse.