Exploring Senior Citizens’ Centers: Tips for Caregivers



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Questions to ask at a Senior Citizens’ Center

It might be time to try something new at your house. You should see if your loved one would like to attend a local senior citizens’ Center. 

Your loved one would like to have an opportunity to socialize with old friends or make new friends. There’s an opportunity for exercise there, or he could join others for a meal or spend time with a hobby.

As a caregiver, you might need the time away for doctor’s appointments, shopping, or just getting some rest. 

A senior citizens’ Center can provide caregiver and care receiver benefits.

If you are a caregiver, a few questions must be asked first.


  • Who is eligible to attend the Center?
  • Is there a charge for any activities or services?
  • Is transportation provided? If so, when can I expect him to be picked up and brought back home?
  • If transportation is not provided, you should be ready to give a list of people permitted to drive him there and back home and their contact information.
  • What level of independence is expected from seniors who attend?
  • Do you assist with toileting?
  • Do you accept a senior in a wheelchair?
  • What about administering medications to the senior?
  • What would you like for him to bring with him?
  • What should not be brought to the Center?
  • What communications/reports might I expect from the Center about my loved one?
  • Whom may I call if I have concerns?

Visit the Center with your loved one at least once before you decide to make arrangements to attend regularly. 

You will want to be certain that the Center knows the needs and abilities of your loved one in terms of medications, mobility, cognitive abilities, and communication abilities. 

They need to be fully informed about medical conditions, and they need to know emergency contact information. It would be good to meet the bus driver and any attendants at the Center, in addition to the director.

After posing inquiries and exploring the Center, it’s time to speak with your beloved about what comes next.

Dwell on the positives in your chat – address any queries they might have and tackle any worries or dreads. Put forth an engaging tone! See if you two can make a consolidated decision to go for a few days or a week.

After a while, you both will be very glad to have that Senior Citizens’ Center and those special seniors in your community.

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