Setting the Perfect Height for Your Cane



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Set The Right Height for a Cane.

So, you have a brand-new cane! The right height for your cane is important for your safety and comfort when walking. 

Whether you are a new or experienced cane user, you should know that your cane should be adjusted to you and your height in particular.   

Canes are adjustable in height to help you walk safely.

How to Set Your Cane’s Height

Metal canes are adjustable. Loosen the tension screw near the bottom of the cane. Push the small button on the side of the cane. 

This will allow the metal poles of the cane to slide to adjust to the correct height. 

Once you have determined the height, ensure that the push button is completely lodged in a hole and tighten the tension screw again.

Determine the Correct Cane Height

Wear the shoes that you normally use for walking. Your heel height is important in the correct measurement. Do not measure while you are barefoot.

Hold the cane handle in one hand on the side of your body opposite your weaker or injured side. If you have weakness in your right leg, hold your cane in your left hand. Let the cane tip rest on the floor.

The cane should come about the level to your hip bone when holding the cane’s handle. This level should also be at the level of your wrist when your arm is resting comfortably at your side.

The arm should be open when holding the cane. Too short a cane can cause you to bend over when walking, which is not safe. A cane that is too long will not support you adequately when walking.

Let a helper mark the cane with a marker or tape, so you can see the adjusted height. Try the adjustment again to get the right fit if needed. Once you have determined the height, ensure that the push button is completely lodged in a hole and tighten the tension screw again.

Getting Help with the Cane Height

A physical therapist can help you to adjust the cane to the height you need. The therapist can measure your elbow position and observe your gait while using a cane to fine-tune your use and safety. 

This is the right height for a cane.

Regular Maintenance of Your Cane

Keep your cane clean. Wipe any sticky substances from the handle and pole with a wet paper towel, then dry it off.

Constant use of a cane will wear down the cane tip. You can buy a new cane tip inexpensively at many stores. Be certain to fit the diameter of your cane to the diameter of the new tip.

Walk proudly and safely with the new cane that is the right height for you.

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