Request Help from the U.S. Post Office



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How to Request Help from the U.S. Post Office


Seniors and Caregivers,

Do you need help with getting your mail from your area post office? 

Have you experienced frustrations with poor service, unresponsive postmasters, missing mail, stolen packages, etc.? 

Apparently, you are not alone! I have received several comments from seniors who are disabled, homebound, or sick and who encounter problems with mail service.

Email or call the USPS Postal Service:

  • Please go to this website page for the USPS Postal Service:
  •  Contact the United States Postal Service.
  •  You can email them a question or concern from this website.
  • You can also call them: at 1-800-275- 8777.

Lost Packages?

  • Have your mailed packages disappeared from the delivery site or were they never delivered? Do you believe they were stolen?
  •  To file a mail theft complaint, contact the U.S. Office of Postal Inspectors, and call 877- 876-2455. They handle criminal matters such as mail fraud and mail theft.

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