Don’t Forget a Thing: Get Smart with Aging in Place Tech



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Medical Reminders and Caregiver Helpers

Many families are finding the help they need with medical reminders to help elderly members “Age in Place,” and they’re getting their help through smart technology.

Families use voice activation, sensors, GPS, Bluetooth, smartphone monitoring apps, internet sites, and computer programs.

The option to remain at home rather than go to a nursing home is now becoming an acceptable option for an ever-increasing number of families.

Here are three examples of medication reminders and programs that will help caregivers with the

Loved one who sometimes forgets to take medication on time, feed the cat, or just take a walk. You can click on the links supplied to learn more about them.

GrandCare Systems

  • This multipurpose system can track daily activity and monitor glucose, oxygen, blood pressure, and weight.

    Using telehealth and communication capabilities enables seniors to connect to families, peers, and caregivers and be monitored for their safety and well-being in their homes.

    Caregivers can log on to a website to monitor their loved one’s activity and leave notes. For more info, visit


  • Medminder is a pill dispenser. It comes in two types. One is locked, and the other is unlocked. MedMinder pill dispensers have an internal cellular modem that communicates with the MedMinder remote system.

    All that is required is cellular network coverage. The caregiver fills the medicine tray and places it in the Medminder device. Then the caregiver can log on to a website to schedule the medicine’s time.

    The dispenser flashes or unlocks when it’s time for the meds. If that doesn’t work, a prerecorded voice from a chosen family member will remind them it’s time to take their medicine.

    If no action is still taken, they get a call, and you receive notice by text, email, or call. A medical alert button is also available for emergencies. For more info, visit

Reminder Rosie

  • This is simply a voice-activated talking clock. Programmable for timed reminders such as taking your medicine, getting the mail, or feeding the dog.

    Once the deed is done, they can simply say “reminder off” or touch the clock to turn off the reminder. For more info, visit

In conclusion

The use of smart technology, such as medical reminders and caregiver helpers, can assist elderly individuals in remaining in their own homes, also known as “aging in place.” 

GrandCare Systems, MedMinder, and Reminder Rosie are three examples of technology that can help with this goal by tracking daily activity, monitoring health metrics, and providing timed reminders for medication and other tasks. 

These technologies offer peace of mind for caregivers and confidence for elderly loved ones. As the “baby-boomer” generation ages, these types of technology will likely become increasingly prevalent in helping seniors age in place.